SX240/260HS - lens scratches caused by the protection curtain?

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Re: Canon replaces lens on SX240/260HS - lens scratches repair by guarantee.

Sorry to hear you had problems as you really liked your SX. I hate these sort of lens covers in any make as you have to baby them more than the lens. Any case which is not hard is a danger and any accessories in the case pockets are a danger. One day the makers may put the lens surface a bit farther back from the blades but that is obviously beyond the wit of the designers. A micron sized distortion of the blades seems to take up all the clearance.

Edit: In some ways you have to have a perverse admiration for the people who make the stuff over the dogged way they endless repeat the same flaws in each iteration blissfully unaware of the problems. This is not directed specifically at Canon.

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Hi all.

I found this forum by searching on Canon SX240 lens scratch because I just encountered this problem with my camera. The camera is only 6 months old. Canon's service centre have examin dt he camera and have responded that the damage is due to "use of force". I know there has been no use of force. They want £92 to repair it. Reading the reports on this forum and looking at the number of lens assemblies sold on Ebay convinces me that there is a manufacturing fault. I don't expect to get any further with Canon so I will probably try replacing the lens myself. I'm resolved not to buy any more Canon products. I still have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15 which I shall continue to use and thsi has been very reliable.

Mine was also scratched, but it didin't matter because the lens assemble started having E32 errors which meant the whole camera was junk which really annoyed me because it was the best image straight from a camer that I had ever owned.

When I googled E32 error it mostly seemed to refer to the in lens IS system, anyway mine lasted just a little more than the one year warranty period, so I wouldn't worry too much about the scratch.


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