Why are there no Sigma cameras in the 'image quality compared' camera list?

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Re: Why are there no Sigma cameras in the 'image quality compared' camera list?

Barney Britton wrote:

ursaminor wrote:

When I get to the 'Image Quality Compared' of a camera review, Sigma cameras are conspicuously absent from the list of cameras to choose from. To then do a comparison, I have to choose the Sigma camera review, go to its 'Image Quality Compared' section and then find the camera whose review I was just in. Why is this?

With the Sigma SD1 (the last in-depth review that we performed on a Sigma product) we opted to 'sandbox' the studio comparison scene images because we considered that it was essential they be viewed in context (it., inside a review of the camera).

Context is required for two reasons. Firstly, we can only process the raw files through SPP (not our standard ACR). Secondly, the camera is inevitably rather weak at medium to high ISOs compared to conventional Bayer sensors. As such we felt it was unfair to make the files available for comparison in the standalone widget or from other reviews.

I hope this helps - we'll be getting a dp2 Quattro into the office in the next few days though so we'll be posting real world and hopefully also studio samples if nothing prevents us from doing so.

Status update?


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