Sky-Watcher Allview tripod for panoramas and time lapse pans

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Re: Sky-Watcher Allview tripod for panoramas and time lapse pans

OK, wires apparently NOT reversed.  With some more investigation it looks like this:  the AllView issues two "relay closures", one to command the camera to autofocus and the other to trip the shutter.  They both occur at the same time, and stay ON together.  I found an obscure setting in my Pentax K5 that requires the autofocus to operate BEFORE the shutter can fire and that made a huge difference. I got some nice results on a 360 degree pano that ran from level to straight up, sort of a 2D "dome" effect.

So I've got it working nicely, it would seem.

If in fact my checking is correct and the shutter and autofocus commands run concurrently, then the wire order will make absolutely NO difference for those two connections.  SkyWatcher didn't do a great job answering my questions on this and even worse on replacing the defective cable that came with the unit - which is to say, when I asked for them to do so they totally ignored me.

Not great on the customer service.........


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