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Re: Olympus XZ-2 double shot problem. Update

Ken Croft wrote:

gsaronni wrote:


Last news. The camera has not any hardware problem. The double shot issue is caused by the latest firmware that improved the XZ-2 general perfromance and caused this problem related too with the way one use the shutter button

In a couple of days I will receive it and I will try to forget this annoying issue. I dont expect any firmware update for such an old model


From where did you get this information?

Why do you say the problem results from the latest firmware?

To suggest that the double-image problem is related to how the shutter it pressed is insulting to those of us who are experienced over many years in the use of digital cameras. We know how to press a shutter button and it has already been proposed that the phenomenon may be to do with contact bounce of the shutter release, which of course would be a hardware problem.

I never use the touch-screen release so I cannot comment on whether that results in a double take.

If it is not a hardware problem, why do Olympus have a history of replacing XZ-2 cameras that have the double-take problem? Surely if not a hardware problem, they would just reject any claim as being not their problem.

My XZ-2 still does a double take on an irregular basis, maybe once per100 shots or so. This is a guess as it is not such a great problem that I keep a record of the events.

I await your explanation of your very assertive statement.

Ken C

I have owned too many cameras and the XZ 2 is the only one with this double take problem. (I once had a triple take).  So the problem is real and only with this model!

The touchscreen has never given me a double take.  So the problem is with the sutter button.

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