Olympus XZ-2 problem

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Re: Olympus XZ-2 double shot problem. Update

Thank you for your explanation.

Part of the response says:-

"Operation is correct and the "problem" that I said is known, after consulting those responsible for its incidence of quality. They have been around 150 shots with your camera and we have been able to reproduce this effect, only on 2 occasions."

So Olympus Spain have 2 double shots in 150 presses of the button. That corresponds to my rate of double takes. They say also that it cannot be corrected by a firmware change, and that the problem was caused by speeding the response time of the shutter release. Why do you believe that your camera when it comes back will not have the double-take problem?

I wonder then why some Olympus centres have replaced double-take XZ-2 cameras, which in my view looks like an admission of a problem with the actual hardware of the camera.

You might ask your contact at Olympus if there is a way to revert to the original XZ-2 firmware. We could then perhaps verify the validity of their explanation.

Ken C

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