D810 & 14-24 over Iceland (Drone Photography)

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Of course I'll answer the questions you wrote.

Why a 20K drone with the Nikon D810 / 14-24 and not a smaller one?

1. I'm a professional photographer - living from selling pictures in large format and of course selling them to magazines (NG, GEO, Red Bull,...) - Most of the agencies have got a minimal resolution which is about 20 megapixels. But thats not the main reason. In the air on a drone you have got no chance to use graduation filters which of course are extremely needed in landscape photography. So if there is no chance for that you need a camera with a very high dynamic range. The Nikon D810 with 15.9 apertures range ist the best on the market. With -0.7EBV RAW file I can manage nearly every light situation. There is no other camera which have the same IQ and DR like the D810. And for all photographers who have the 14-24mm the answer is simple. The lens (even at F3.5 is just incredibly sharp until the corners) - For my last flights I've used the new Nikon 20mm F1.8G and I'm quite impressed also - AND I can be in the air for about 1minute and 45seconds longer with the 20mm because of its wight.

2. In January 15 I'll be in Patagonia and the Antarctica with OneOcean Expedition as the photography guide. My drone will be with me. I was in Iceland a few weeks ago. Now the ONE question; what to most of the countries I'm flying in have? A very strong wind and high wind speed! Try to fly with a 10lbs drone in Patagonia or Iceland - and then try it with the 26lbs drone. You will see the 10lbs or a phantom is like a small midge compared to the heavy 26lbs truck. It is much more stable in the air and of course in the wind.

3. In Switzerland there is a special professional insurance for drones over 10lbs. It's quite expensive. I pay about 1900 USD per year but if anything happens, the will pay everything. Until now I have been in the air with my baby for over 190 hours - I trained and trained every day. Now you think flying a drone with GPS is quite simple. YES it is - BUT in Greenland, Southern Patagonia and of course the Antarctica you can NOT use the GPS Mode - you have to fly totally manual. And I guess the once who fly a 3D Helicopter know how hard it is to fly totally manual. But WHY no GPS in this countries? It is because the drone needs a magnetic Northern heading and this don't exists anymore and even worse for the tilt and shift sensor of the flight control you need the CORIOLIS FORCE which makes that the drone know if it is horizontal or vertical. In these regions the coriolis force is so different, that drones in GPS mode will crash.

People think flying a drone is so simple. Yes it could be in GPS mode. But when you know that 20K of yours is in the air and within seconds it could be down you fly different :)=

Last question: Is there any movies about the drone of mine? YES!!!! The swiss television and WOOP Productions came with me to Iceland to make a movie about me and Iceland. It's called "Stefan Forster the Lighthunter - Chasing the light in Iceland" - They had a DJI S1000 with the Panasonic GH4 and the flew behind me and filmed me while I was taking my drone pictures. The movie trailer will be online at the 21th of November 2014. I'll post it in here when it's online.

Have a great day....

If you wand to be informed about my news: https://www.facebook.com/StefanForsterPhotography

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