Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

They are just tools. Nothing more. In the right hands, primes can work just fine. In others, they might not. I've done hundreds of weddings using a standard zoom for 95% of the shots. Frankly, I know I'd suck with primes. At least initially. And then through experience, I'd learn to use those new tools, as well.

kormendi_adam wrote:

I wonder if any of you pros think it is possible to shoot weddings with primes only.
I ask this strictly from curiosity.

Yesterday I attended a friend's wedding and had my D300s with me, with 35 and 85 primes. I took 4 photos in total (so I really did not intend to 'play the pro' there).

I had the feeling that, if I had been the hired photographer, I really would have a hard time changing lenses and I think I would have missed a lot of shots.

Do you think it is possible to use primes only for weddings?
From what I have seen yesterday, I would say it does not make any sense...

I disagree.  They are tools, but you can't use a screw driver to hammer a nail.  Example - you want a close up of the ring going on the finger; you have an 85mm on (and 35mm for arguments sake).  If you were in an orthodox church, the closest you could get would be the altar rail - no shot for you.

The main drawback with primes is the 'zoom with your feet' aspect which would disallow you from getting a lot of shots.

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