G3 vs. G5

Started Jun 29, 2003 | Discussions thread
Gordon Brockhouse Junior Member • Posts: 31
Re: Color Green - G3 vs. G5

dchao wrote:

Anyone like to comment on the difference in the two cameras'
ability to handle green.

On my G3, some the the green is too saturated (but the red is OK),
as result, the if the picture contains a lot of bright green (eg.
under bright sun light), the image looks funny.

I heard rumous that the G5 has modified the way it handles the
color green. Is that true??

Can Phil Askey do some comparison on this subject when he does his
G5 review? TIA.

I have a G3 and the over-saturated green is my only beef with an otherwise excellent camera. I wonder if this is something that might be addressed with a firmware update.

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