D810 & 14-24 over Iceland (Drone Photography)

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Re: Technical Information - Stefan Forster

Having flown RC for as long as I have been enjoying photography (since I was a teen ager), and now building my own drone (and an owner of a D810), I can say you've done a great job here, and you are more of a man than I am (or you must have much deeper bank account), knowing all that can go wrong, and how much time and money you have spent to capture these images!

Wow! Great job at keeping everything working well together.

Of course your results are very good and it shows that you've invested the time and money to do this right.

But knowing that one broken wire could bring down your investment would make me cringe on every flight.

I've thought about building a larger drone and attempting some D810 images, but every time I think of the amount of money needed to spend to do this, and the risk to the amount of money invested, I can't stand to do it.

So I'll just sit back and enjoy your images! You should be very proud of all that you have accomplished.



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