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Re: A37 downgrade from A55

Going from the menu on the A33 to the menu on the A77 was completely seamless.  No relearning and no troubles.  The A77 does have many more options than the A33 and most of the transition was learning about the new options and when to use them.  The Gary Freidman guide was great for learning the new functionality.  All of the A33 functionality in the menu system is the same on the A77, the A77 just has more options.  Sony did a very nice job in developing the menu system and keeping it the same across their Alpha camera line.

I find my A77 noticeably bigger and heavier than my A33 but well balanced and quite ergonomic.  When I had my A33 I used the diminutive 18-55 kit lens with it.  The 2 together made a very nice compact package.  When I moved up to my A77 I also moved up to the 16-50 lens.  While the 16-50 lens is a beauty of function and engineering it is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the 18-55.  The 16-50 is very nicely balanced on the A77.  The 16-50 dwarfs the A33 and isn't nearly as balanced on the small body.  My 70-210 beercan is also much better balanced on the A77 than the A33.  When I miss the small size of my A33 I am really comparing the size of A33/18-55 to the size of the A77/16-50 combo and the lens is the biggest portion of the extra weight and bulk.

I often wish for the compact size of my A33/18-55 when I am out hiking with my A77.  I have held on to my A33/18-55 just so I have the option of the compact form factor should I want it.  I always end up taking my A77 kit with me no matter the situation because it IS that much better than the A33!  Not that I have any complaints about the A33, it is a fantastic camera, the A77 is just much better... so good it is worth putting up with the extra weight and bulk.

Good luck in your decision.

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