Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

tessar 75 wrote:

No one is saying shooting with primes is the best way to go

I see the same lack of breadth from people shooting with zooms

I agree on  that. Overly "Zoom reliant" shooters have to fight the tendency to  anchor their feet in one spot without getting out and about.  Prime shooters are forced to move around by nature of what they are holding and that usually bodes well IMHO.

I made the point that 2 good cameras with certain lenses on each ,it was almost possible to work that way but added that a bit of extra length or wide was necessary .

You have missed the point of "zooming with your feet" it doesn't mean just getting closer or further back

But moving your position to get the best angle with the glass you have, which can actually lead to better shots. It does involve working harder but this can be where gold is found.


I have been to a few weddings as a guest and watched hapless pros who probably learned who to shoot weddings from the internet , and noticed how static alot of them are while they work. clearly missing some great angles.

the best gear is no substitute for talent but talent with carefully chosen gear is a good combo.

And don't forget, Primes allow for shallow DOF (usually two stops more) which allows for another creative option.

Last wedding I shot, I shot with two bodies. Outdoors, with two zooms: a 24-70 and a 70-200. Indoors I shot with three primes:   24 1.4, 50 1.4 and an 85 1.8  (yes, I had to switch the 50 and the 24 at times.  But indoors, I could not have gotten the shots at 2.8 without sending the ISO through the roof.)  I was extremely happy with the prime shots.

Could I have shot the whole thing with primes?  Probably would have done fine with a 24, 50 and 105 or something like that, but with two bodies it would have required lens changes.  With a third body, you could probably do fine without lens swaps. I think the weight (three bodies, three primes) might be less than two bodies and the two zooms mentioned.  That 70-200 2.8 VR II is an awesome lens but it really gets heavy after a while.



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