Wanted: Information on changing .dcp camera profiles

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Re: Wanted: Information on changing .dcp camera profiles

cm71td wrote:


I'm looking for good information, tutorials, etc. on how to "tweak" an existing .dcp camera profile.

I've used dcpTool to export the data to xml and changed a profile from one camera to another.

I've also fiddled with Adobe's DNG Profile Editor which seems limited to curves and changing specific colors. (The documentation is limited, so I may be missing something.)

Are there better tools out there? Any links to information, tutorials, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

My understanding is that a .dcp profile is just a color look-up table and a curve. So, the DNG Profile Editor should be all you need.

Changing a profile from one camera to another is generally not a good idea because the purpose of the profile is to adjust for the response of a particular sensor to a particular illuminant. I understand that one might need to do that for a new camera before any profiles are available, but otherwise, it is like trying to apply basketball rules to baseball.

I'm not aware of any tutorials that go into the depths of tweaking existing profiles, but these have some helpful info:



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