Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

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Re: Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

Hi Byrna, I was reading the various threads here at and when I came across yours I had to register so I could reply.

I just came back from Best Buy with my latest purchase which was the Canon SX60 HS.  I am so glad I went to check out the latest digital point & shoot cameras because I was thinking about making a purchase from an online merchant for either the SX50 or the SX60 without ever holding either of them in my hands.  Fortunately I continued to research the two camera's and found out that Best Buy was having a sale on the SX60.  The price was to attractive to pass up so off I went.

I was so glad the way things turned out because the difference between the sx50 and sx60 was like night and day.  The design and ergonomics of the sx60 is incredible and is a huge improvement over the sx50.  I haven't had a chance to take any pictures as yet but just on my first impression I know I made the right decision.  It's no wonder why I see so many used sx50's for sale as the sx60 is simply a much better.

If you have a chance to get to s camera shop or a store like Best buy check out the camera's for yourself I know you won't believe how different the two camera's are and would be quite surprised if you don't agree.

Best of luck, Modsquad.

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