Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

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Re: Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

RonWA wrote:


I was hoping someone had the silver bullet for you because I am in the same situation. Maybe more so because I have two a55s. I love the camera in most respects, especially the size. I have never had problems such as overheating, or any other problems for that matter; I would just like better high ISO capability. I have five good lenses running from 8 to 500 mm so I am in no hurry to change systems. The a6000 is intriguing but the lens adapter seems cumbersome and there is the loss of stabilization. I have decided there is no such solution as we are seeking and, while the a77II sounds great, the larger size is a deal breaker for me.

My primary interest is in birds and other wildlife so a question I have to answer is just how much better ISO performance will a newer Sony camera provide? I am sure some on this forum have some quantitative information on that. It has to be a pretty significant improvement to make me change to anything I see available right now. Good luck.


Maybe take a look at the a37. You lose GPS and a couple of other features but gain electronic first curtain shutter and focus peaking, which are quite useful. It takes a very nice picture at the end of the day. They can be bought lightly used and cheap on the second hand market. Not sure if it is a big enough upgrade for you though, but at least you are getting a newer model.

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