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Re: New DPP 3.14.45 may be better

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agree, I just tried in DPP and even with sharpening and noise processing turned off it is making huge corrections, which you can see on my slow computer because it needs a lot of time to generate the 'high quality preview'. After the initial blurry image you not only get a pretty big CA correction but also a MUCH sharper image, they must be some kind of forced sharpening internally.

I just tried DPP with the first raw photo I shot on my new G7 X, and I saw the same heavy handed processing with the version in the digital camera software 4.3 install (I think it was DPP 3.14.30). I downloaded the latest version from 11/04/14 (DPP 3.14.45) and it seemed to me the over-processing was turned down a bit. I didn't create a jpeg from the first version to compare with though, so maybe it's just my imagination. Anyway, you might want to try the new version until the other raw converters like Lightroom get updated to support the G7 X.

I was running DPP 3.14.41 and I'm mostly worried about the strong sharpening artifacts etc. that appear in borders/corners and look ugly/unnatural at 100%, compared to e.g. RX100-3. Will try the latest DPP version but I'm not expecting much - guess it is the result of the HUGE amount of correction that is needed with this lens. Probably a lot depends on aperture, focal length etc. how strong the border/corner artifacts are (worst full open and at 24mm equiv.).

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