Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

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Re: Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

TSeiler wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

TSeiler wrote:

I shot an a55 for three years and I loved the size. But recently I have replaced it with a Fuji S1, a bridge camera. I sold both my Sony DSLRs and all my lenses and replaced it with one camera with one lens for under $400.

Convenient and inexpensive, yes... but the OP says he wants something that delivers good high ISO performance. Unfortunately, the S1 won't do that.

That is not exactly what he said:

I would like to upgrade to a camera with higher ISO capabilities to increase exposure choices for the slow (f stop) lenses.

With the S1 he doesn't have to worry about slow lenses. The S1 comes with an f/2.8.

f/2.8 at the wide end on the S1 sensor is about equivalent to f/11 on an APS-C camera. (If this is unfamiliar to you, I won't take the time to go over it all here, but the explanations on this page will cover the basics.) And the S1 lens gets much slower than that as it gets longer.

I think the S1 does better than the a55 in low light.

Online samples and test results (and logic) tell a very different story.

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