Do I need a receiver with the YN-622C

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Re: Do I need a receiver with the YN-622C

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

I've actually had the TX for a few weeks now. All it does is dedicate flash output control to the unit itself rather than the internal menu. This means that ALL of the functions remain consistent regardless of the compatible camera. It's also faster and easier to work with. For instance, altering a flash ratio from 1:2 to 1:3 requires quite a few button pushes within a camera's menu system, but only a single button push on the TX. As much as I loved the capability of the internal flash control, I longed for a faster way to do simple things. The TX now gives me that option.

The drawback of the TX. It's not a transceiver. It is used for control only. You don't mount a flash on top it. So, you lose the convenience of having a controller and a flash simultaneously on your hotshoe. Since I like having on-camera fill, I may have to return to using a bracket like I did in the "old days", with the controller on the hotshoe and a 622C with flash on the bracket shoe. A small price for the control I enjoy having when shooting weddings.


I have the same dilemma as you do.  I wish there was a way to connect it PC sync like the pocket wizards do.  I'm not aware if thats possible at the moment.  Please let me know if you do.  However, i have sort of found a solution that works with the controller as well as having the on camera flash.  If its confusing, let me know.

I currently own 5 622c and one 622tx.  Here's what i did

On camera - Attached 622c on channel 2 with flash on top of 622c.

Attach 622tx (set to transmit on channel 1) on top of 622c set on channel 1 (to talk to the camera).

Put other flashes on 622c on channel 1.

I put the 622tx tied to me so i can control any off camera lighting while still keeping the on camera flash without the bracket (i find it heavy).  However, it would require one more 622c receiver.  Not sure if this helps you, but its a way around it since the 622c are not too expensive compared to the PW.

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