Does anybody actually care about diffraction limits?

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Does anybody actually care about diffraction limits?

Was just following the "Would you like a Bayer sensor in your T1 ..." or something along those lines where somebody suggested a MFT, like an Oly-something.

Then the usual ping-pong kicked in, he said, she said ... size doesn't matter etc.

When I had a look at the APS-C versus MFT a few years back now I thought that the diffraction limit of the MFT would typically kick in earlier, at around F8 or F11 whereas the APS-C gives you a tad more headroom to play with. I first came across this sensor-size-matters-for-diffraction-limts when I read some reviews on and compared some lens MTF results. I tried to re-visit this today and still found some hints towards diffraction at a larger aperture:

Does this matter to anybody here as most users seem to compare lens availability, FOV, bokeh and FF equivalents rather than diffraction.

Since some people here, including myself, seem to spend an awful lot of dosh on lenses to get the last drop out of their camera, I find it strange that the diffraction when comparing systems are never really discussed at the same level of enthusiasm as bokeh and other properties are.

Naturally when comparing APS-C to "FF" the same would hold true the other way round, the FF possibly useable up to F22. For me personally the F11-16 is a sweet spot I am happy with but when I compare the Panasonic Lumix 12-32 at F3.5 with resolution values from there on the values actually go down from 3.5 onwards making F3.5 the best aperture as far as resolution goes.

In the studio I often use F11 or F13 with the Fujis and find the results to be razor sharp, no issues there ...

Was this important to anybody when choosing between MFT and APS-C? Or is this a side issue, no worries??


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