Aperture 3.5 not compatible with Yosemite

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Re: Aperture 3.5 not compatible with Yosemite

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I upgraded to Yosemite from Lion and received an error that my version of Aperature 3.45 would not run in Yosemite. I went to update through the App Store like many times before and received an error that the application was not registered to my Apple ID. I have had the same ID for years (and previous updates). Apple Tech Support was no help and I couldn’t even purchase the update or a new version through the App Store. I was stuck. Frustrated, I dumped Aperture and moved over to Phase One’s Capture One Pro 8. I am much happier even though the cost is a bit more. I am not optimistic about the changes happening at Apple and find myself using Apple and Adobe Applications less and less, after all, there are other options. And although I have been a loyal Mac customer for over 20 years, the recent changes in Apple’s distribution model, operating systems, lack of quick tech support, and software consolidations have me considering other solutions.

Bring up the Apps store and click "Purchases."  Then you can select those that are NOT associated with your Apple ID and associate them with your Apple ID.  Actually quite simple.

It was Apple Support that walked me through that during a chat session.

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