Should I be in the market for a new lens or a new body?

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Should I be in the market for a new lens or a new body?

So, little info on what I got, what I want to do, and asking which direction I should be going...

Since June of 2013, I have a little Sony NEX-F3, which for a newbie photographer like me has done a very good job. It came with it's standard 18-55mm manual zoom lens, and a few pretty crappy third-party wide-angle and telephoto lens adapters in the bundle that I bought (both of which I rarely used). Now, I primarily wanted this camera since it seemed simple to learn on, but flexible enough with it's lens system, and that it's fairly small and lightweight, and I didn't want to go full DSLR, as I was on a budget. I use this on vacation, which its great, but I also started dabbling in some amateur photography (found a cheap backdrop/stand with some cheap lights, and some of my friends wanted some semi-pro looking photoshoots done, which for my first foray seemed to come out fairly well). I also like taking video with it as well, going to conventions and whatnot

Now, as for that last point, I am starting to see this camera's limitation. That or I'm doing something wrong. I like to shoot people in costume, and most of the time it is indoors. Ideally, I would love to have a nice tight focus on the subject, shallow depth of field so the background is out of focus, but I often can't get this right. I try to manually set the F-stop to something as low as possible, but then I run into problems with the amount of light I'm getting, so I adjust the shutter and ISO, but still not finding what I want.

Now, I recently found from my dad's old Canon camera, a 50mm prime lens that I found an NEX adapter for. Playing around with it, I really like this lens, it gives a great depth of field that I want, but my goodness I have to be far away from my subject in order to use if I want to at least capture their torso and head! Which you can imagine isn't so great while in a crowded convention hall with people milling about.

So, here's my situation: I am under the assumption that I would really benefit from a better lens, but one that I could be closer to my subject with, and still retain that shallow depth of field that I want. Ideally, I would LOVE to get a wider angle lens for a bit more cinematic look, but thats not too important. Question is, any E-mount or E-mount compatible lens that I could look at?

My other question goes into a different direction: Maybe I should step up my camera itself? Something with more powerful features and abilities. I've been looking at that Sony a6000 and I am really liking what I am seeing, especially with that very fast auto-focus. I really, really don't feel I am ready for a big-time DSLR like a Canon EOS 6D or something that the professional cosplay photographers that I've talked to use. But I want to mimic that effect of very focused subject, cinematic depth of field, etc. But again I still want portability and affordability. (those Alpha 7R cameras are just a bit out of my league too)

So, just looking for some advice, it would be appreciated. Better lens, or better camera? (Or maybe just do a better job with my manual settings as is?!?! LOL)

Thanks in advance!

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