I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X

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Okay so I just did a test which for me was very interesting. My main goal of purchasing a new camera is to get better DOF control and better low light performance than my old S95. Both the RX100M3 and the G7X will of course provide that. However I couldn't live with it, if landscape shots were worse than my S95 (in good light) but this is difficult for me check since I don't have the G7X (I don't want the RX100M3 for various reasons). As we have seen in our tests, the RX100M3 looks really good at 24 mm, so this kind of sharpness I could definately live with. My S95 is a 10 mp camera so what if I then reduced the sizes of both the RX100M3 and the GX7 24mm shots and compared the two? If G7X looks as good as RX100M3 at this reduced resolution I had damned better be happy - right? .

I think you could simply compare some G7X landscape style shots, downsized to 10 MP, with your own images. That should quickly show you if the quality is at least as good. Yes, the results are close depending on how you view the images - but with the downscaled images at 100% I can still see that the RX100-3 shot is much cleaner. Look at large window surfaces - they are very clean on RX100-3 and noisy on G7X, with extra noise around the window borders. And we are talking about low ISO shots here, with optimized RAW processing ...

I did a similar test comparing G7X images with images from my 12 MP 450D with 15-85IS zoom, both downscaled to 8 MP. I am going to view them on a 4K display and know from experience what kind of detail (and difference) I would see with such use. If it looks sharp on a 4K TV it should be fine for other use as well. To me the difference between the G7X and 450D was quite obvious at 8 MP, but the difference in size of these cameras is obvious as well Some people don't even see the difference between 4K and FullHD display quality, so they will certainly not see the difference between G7X and RX100-3 with that type of use

My feeling about the G7X remains 'close but no cigar'. I think that too often I would regret not having the quality of those RX100-3 WA shots. As long as my old camera keeps working I'm in no hurry to buy something else (also planning to replace DSLR and some lenses...) and hope that the competition makes something that is more my taste in the next months, otherwise I will have to make a difficult choice next year between RX100-3 and G7X

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