I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X

J_dpr wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

J_dpr wrote:

Hi 2eyesee,

DPP info on your RAW files reports "AF mode = Manual Focus". Does it mean they where shot using manual focus or is this some sort of misnomer in the exif info?

That would be right for those two - I actually did AF then switched to MF and recomposed. Should have just used the touch screen - not used to such a convenience after using Sony for so long!

I was also comparing a 28mm shot if you want to have a look at that too (AF this time). I've used up my 200MB monthly limit on DPR Galleries,

LOL - I can imagine. I Wish I could donate some space for you

so I've put them on Google+:

G7X 28mm JPEG

G7X 28mm RAW

RX100M3 28mm JPEG

I think I could happily live with performance like this from the G7X and use it in the 28-100mm range. It's not as clean as the RX100M3 at 28mm, but quite acceptable I think given what you get in return at the tele end.

In the end though there are just a few little things that tip the RX100M3 in favour for me - the tilting flash (which I use a lot indoors), the better detail in video, the viewfinder, much better 24mm. It was a tough call though, and I will miss the 100mm and touch screen in particular.

Yes indeed a tough call. As you can probably tell I'm still sitting on the fence. But I have now decided that I will either buy the G7X or wait for something better and just live 'happily' with my SX280 and S95 for a while.

Okay so I just did a test which for me was very interesting. My main goal of purchasing a new camera is to get better DOF control and better low light performance than my old S95. Both the RX100M3 and the G7X will of course provide that. However I couldn't live with it, if landscape shots were worse than my S95 (in good light) but this is difficult for me check since I don't have the G7X (I don't want the RX100M3 for various reasons). As we have seen in our tests, the RX100M3 looks really good at 24 mm, so this kind of sharpness I could definately live with. My S95 is a 10 mp camera so what if I then reduced the sizes of both the RX100M3 and the GX7 24mm shots and compared the two? If G7X looks as good as RX100M3 at this reduced resolution I had damned better be happy - right? .

So I did this if anybody is interested. It should be noted that the G7X image is processed from the RAW with the DPP default settings:

RX100M3 reduced to 4000 pixels wide (10.6 mp)

G7X reduced to 4000 pixels wide (10.6 mp).

I increased exposure on the G7X image in DPP by 0.17 to get the two images more similar.

RX100M3 is still a tiny bit more detailed in the corners, but for all practical purposes they are now identical in IQ IMHO


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