Kind of scared to post this...7D focus problems

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Re: Kind of scared to post this...7D focus problems

What a great post, 2 years later and I learned a lot from both your questions, the images, and others comments and suggestions.   Thank you all very much.

On the first image, I scoured it for a long time, looking for something that the AF could have locked on to.   I believe someone else already commented on this. Look at the image 1:1 all the way at the top of the door frame, it does look much better than the rest of the image.  This image was shot at the widest aperture so if that spot, behind and above the girl is in focus, everything else could be out due to DOF.  Im far from a pro, but that is my guess.

On the second image, I spent even more time looking at the details. Follow where her boot meets the bench, then look at the wood grain on the bench around the heel of her boot. You'll see just around the heel of her boot an area of the wood grain on the bench is in great focus.  I believe here the AF system locked onto the toe area of her boot or maybe the stitching on her boot since it is very detailed and very good contrast area.  Look at the stitching on her boots just visible between her boots, great focus there.  Further back, her fingers are slightly out of focus, not razor sharp, but OK.  Then further back in the image, her blouse and face are a little further out of focus.

If the photographer was sure that the focus locked on her blouse or face area, then this setup might be front focusing.  If not, it might be that the AF just picked up the detail on the bottom of her boots or stitching on the boots.  My first guess would be that the AF locked onto something in front of her face (boots, stitching)

On the 3rd image, its taken at the smallest aperture and fastest shutter.  Everything  is in great focus in the foreground, her face, hair, stitching and zipper on her robe, the folds in her robe around the front of her elbow joint, all excellent.

Does anyone know how sharp this particular lens is when you get below 2.8?

To me, (and I am a rank amateur, admittedly), on the first two images,  it looks like the AF system locked onto something, but that wasn't what the photographer wanted.  Wider apertures amplify the issue.

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