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Re: It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X

2eyesee wrote:

skyform wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

Of course it is, but my point is that if you accept the G7X as a compromised wide angle lens compared to the RX100M3, then you can crop (in post) or use Clear Image Zoom (in camera) to give it an effectively longer (but compromised) zoom.

No I can't accept that because the 85mm croped shot of RX100 looks terrible compared to G7X and G7X does not look terrible compared to RX100 at 28mm to 35mm, it's just a bit more blurry with worse corners.

But the G7X does look terrible compared to the RX100M3 at 24mm.

G7X can go to 100mm which would look like crap if croped on RX100.

A crop to 100mm on the RX100M3 still leaves you with a 10MP image, which is more than enough for an 8x12" print at 300dpi and viewing on a 4K screen.

The argument has been used on this and other threads (including by myself) that even though the G7X looks so bad at 24mm, at normal viewing and print sizes it looks fine. I could use the same argument on the RX100M3 for extending its zoom by cropping.

OK, but if you're gonna use that crop standard, the G7X gives you an effective 140mm lens or so assuming you crop it's long end the same amount. And the G7X is really good at the long end if you're not shooting too close a subject wide open. The bottom line is that the RX100 III gives an IQ advantage at the wide end and the G7X gives a reach advantage on the long end and how much either matters is up to the individual.

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