X100S shutter speed limit: dream or reality?

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Questions thread
ClearVid Forum Member • Posts: 51
Re: Read the original DPR X100 review...

So will going above 1/1000th decrease the flash light because it will decrease the aperture? I don't care if the image isn't light evenly. I just want to know if 1/1000 is the largest contrast between ambient light and flash light or if going higher than 1/1000 will give greater ratio between the two without cutting down on flash light due to smaller shutter aperture canceling out the the f stop aperture.

In this review you can see a flash shot where it was done at 1/4000 and f2. The background of the room is turned completely black. External flashes were used as well.


Is this person canceling out the effect of the f2 shutter by using 1/4000 and narrowing the shutter aperture. Again, I don't care if there is vignetting.

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