I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X

damian5000 wrote:

Huh? The G7X looks far better than the upsized RX100M3. Look at the roof...and the foliage as well.

Yes, of course it does. But my point is that if you accept the compromised wide angle performance of the G7X at 24mm and 28mm, then you can also accept compromised extended tele performance on the RX100M3 by cropping (in post) or Clear Image Zoom (in camera).

There have been recent reviews that actually show the g7x with better sharpness when zoomed in. "as soon as you start zooming the lens in, the Canon becomes crisp across the entire frame and enjoys a small but consistent lead over its rival." http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Canon_PowerShot_G7X/outdoor_resolution.shtml

Yes, the G7X is very nice from about 35mm on -  and it gives fantastic results as long as you manage its 'sweet spot' e.g not getting too close at widest aperture. I do like the fact though that the RX100M3 is more consistent across its focal range though, and you don't seem to need to worry about getting too close or needing to stop down for best results.

It really depends on how you shoot which is the better lens. I've gone through my RX100M3 shots and looked at the focal lengths I've used:

24-28mm: 40%
70mm: 18%

Now many of those 70mm photos would have benefited from the longer lens on the G7X and been shot at up to 100mm. Even if it was all of them, with the G7X I would be benefiting 18% of my photos but at the same time compromising the 40% I take at 24-28mm.

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