I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: I hope you find something that works for you...

Ray Sachs wrote:

I see the images at full size on the 27" monitor (not 100%, but the full image at the largest it will display) and they look wonderful. And I think they can't possibly have the problems you're talking about. But when I occasionally give into curiosity and look at 100%, it's all there, all of the same problems in the details outside of the center at the wider focal lengths. ...

I wouldn't accept it from my DSLR or higher end fixed lens cameras, but in a camera that does as many things right as this one does and is as handy and convenient as it is, I'm ok with it.

I can agree with what you are saying here. It really depends on how one uses the images. Although for me this would also be a secondary camera in addition to a DSLR, the idea was to ditch the DSLR when possible and only use it for  'planned' photography projects where a compact is not an option.

Many of my landscape / cityscape shots arrive without planning, just because there suddenly is beautiful light or some unforeseen photographic opportunity. I think with G7X I would regret not having the DSLR with its better image quality with me instead, while with the RX100-3 I would feel secure that the quality is there - even if the ergonomics, standard jpeg look etc. are a bit lacking. Probably it also depends on the image quality that one is used to - in the WA range RX100-3 comes pretty close in IQ to my 450D DSLR with 15-85 zoom, while the G7X is way behind there when it comes to detail and artifacts. If one is used to a recent FF DSLR with the best WA primes, maybe the RX100-3 would feel insufficient as well

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