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Re: It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X

2eyesee wrote:

It's not just 24mm and corners that a problem for the G7X. Here's a 100% crop from near the middle of the frame at 28mm compared to the RX100M3:

100% crop at 28mm, near the centre of the frame

So it's not just a case of the G7X having poor corners at 24mm compared to the RX100M3 - it suffers across the frame at 24mm and 28mm. It 35mm we see some parity between them.

Yes I see what you mean and I agree that RX100M3 looks sharper, but is it more detailed? Perhaps slightly but I think local contrast and sharpennig algorithm plays a role. Do you by any chance have the RAWs of this shot available?

Here's another example at 24mm - taken 1/3 of the way into the frame from the corner so not far from the centre:

100% crop at 24mm, 1/3 into the frame from corner (not far from centre)

The RX100M3 is so much better - and remember this is not even close to a border/corner. In fact, I can downsize the RX100M3 image to 10MP, upsize it again to 20MP, sharpen a little and they look comparable:

100% crop after downsizing RX100M3 to 10MP then upsizing to 20MP

Yes G7X looks more smudged here. The exposure isn't quite the same though.

This has made me rethink the G7X's lens and the claim that it is a much more versatile focal length. If the G7X's lens 24-100mm but comprised at focal lengths wider than 35mm, then can we not think of the RX100M3's lens as longer than 70mm - but compromised - via cropping and upsizing?

I would say the G7X has more a 'genuine' 35-100mm range it performs pretty well in, and the RX100M3 performs pretty well across its 24-70mm range (both a 2.9x zoom range, interestingly enough). You can go wider on the G7X by utilizing its compromised 24-28mm, but similarly you can also crop the RX100M3 to get compromised longer equivalent focal lengths. Not quite 100mm, but I found upsizing a 70mm RX100M3 to a 85mm G7X image (and applying a little sharpening) gives a result no worse for the RX100M3 than the G7X is at 24mm. Here is an example:

I respectfully disagree with you here. IMO the G7X shot is clearly the most detailed.

So where does this leave me? Well I was prepared to accept soft corners at wide angle on the G7X, but I'm not impressed with the compromised IQ across the whole frame at both 24mm and 28mm compared to my RX100M3. I personally prefer with the better wide angle performance of my RX100M3, when I'm more likely to need the detail (landscape shots), and accept that I'll just have to crop a little at the tele end for longer than 70mm (e.g. head and shoulders portraits).

So I've decided to sell my G7X. It has taken me 10 days of comparison with my RX100M3 to come to this decision though, so it hasn't been easy.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this thread and I hope my posts have helped others decide which way to go when they are comparing these two great little cameras.

And a BIG thank you to you too for contributing to the investigation into the true IQ of the G7X. I really appreciate your great work. I'll probably still get the G7X despite it's flaws which IMHO are rather minor if one shoots in RAW which I don't mind doing.


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