Am still a bit baffled at the 'pro' insistance of 24fps, why?

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Re: Am still a bit baffled at the 'pro' insistance of 24fps, why?

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Hi Markr041,

To be 100% honest, I'd like to watch any TV content in 24p, including sports.

I say that because whenever I watch a movie about sports (ficctional or documentary), that movie is always shot in 24p, and even the sport scenes, they just feel more "interesting" in 24p.

There is a huge difference between a story or documentary where the director has full control over the action and camera movements so as to minimize the deleterious effects of 24p, and a live game. I'm guessing that you don't watch much in the way of live sports, because if you did then I think you'd have a different opinion.

Of course since live sports are never broadcast in 24p, it could well be that you just don't really appreciate you crappy they'd look when presented that way.

Yeah, I agree. If you watch any sports, watch anything done by NFL Films, you will see the difference between 24P and Live football for sure.

We watched a 48fps trailer and the best criticism the cine guy could come up with was the spokes on a wheel looked different to 24. Having twice as many pixels / time does change the look, for better or worse is subjective. It also reduces fast camera move judder especially from new operators. 24 has been ingrained for 100 years. 48 is better for many genres.

Edison originally developed 48fps but mechanical reliability and film cost reduced this to 24.

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