Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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Re: Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

Hans von der Crone wrote:

Looking for some unbiased opinions (yeah I know, difficult). Anyway, I'm thinking very much to get a FF camera to complement my A6000 and RX100M which I'll keep for those moments when weight or compactness matter.

But for all those other moments, and I do a wedding now and then and a lot of indoor work (kids, moving!!), I would get a FF camera. So compactness isn't exactly the most important thing. Things that DO matter in those situations though are AF speed, AF accuracy and lens selection. I'm currently debating between this:

Nikon D750 + 24-120/F4 (kit) + Nikkor 50mm/1.4 (total cost = € 2.799 + € 345 = € 3.144)


Sony A7(s) + 24-70/F4 + FE55mm/1.8 (total cost = € 2.299 + € 1.100 + € 899 = € 4.298)

So the Sony would cost me quite a bit more. Which one would you recommend, considering you know I also have an a6000 for weight/compactness (with some very good glass). Still a bit unsure about going to Nikon since I've been shooting Canon for all my life, but the deal I got for the D750 is really very good and the specs/reviews seem to point out that the Nikon could very well be the camera I'm looking for.

I could also go for the Sony A7 which would save me about € 1.000, so then total price would be about the same as the Nikon, but I'm not sure the A7 is either fast enough or if the low light sensitivy is as good.

I purchased a sony a7 february 1st 2014...october 20 2014 the a7 is dead  and don't switch on anymore...and need to be returned to sony...

my opinion is sony7 is a beautiful toy capable of doing great things but by no way a pro camera and seems very fragile and not a heavy duty work horse.

Hopefully i still have my old good nikon d7000...

the nikon d750 is missing focus peaking...

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