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I will never buy another Panasonic lens

drew8mc wrote:

Just when I think I want a nice Panisonic lens for my Oly EM-10, I keep reading about people having compatibility issues. Whether it be purple flare, autofocus hunting, or noisy motors.

I've been thinking about the 25mm 1.4.

Are there any Pani lenses that don't have issues on an Oly body? Is it every lens, or just some of them?

14mm: massive purple fringing

14-42 PZ: purple fringing, plus just not very sharp

25mm f/1.4: weird rattlensnake noises, blue fringing instead of purple fringing, not really all that bad but for an expensive prime lens that's supposed to be so good, still disappointing. This is not to say that the 25mm isn't adequate to the task of being an excellent portrait lens, but it's only an average lens for taking photos when focused on infinity because of blue fringing and soft corners.

I stick to Olympus lenses from now on. For example, unlike the 25mm f/1.4, the 17mm f/1.8 has no fringing if the lens is stopped down appropriately and you correct for CA in Lightroom, except at the extreme corners. And the 17mm has much more even sharpness across the frame compared to the 25mm f/1.4.

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