Sony A57 OR Nikon D5100?

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Paul C wrote:

I was (still am...not bought yet) in a similar position but at the end of the day, I narrowed down the list of manufacturers for a DSLR to Canon and Nikon. The reason being, these manufacturers have been making cameras for a long time, and aren't going anywhere soon, or about to 'change tack' and go off on a new technology.

Also regarding the Sony translucent mirror: I shoot in low light situations. There seems to be an inherent wrongness in putting something in between the lens and the sensor, which only allows a percentage of that light through. I know it gives advantages on live preview, video, different types of focusing, etc but I'll stick with the established technology just for now.

I'll probably also be buying a D5100 soon too, its just a question of money etc...

Sony has been around a long time as well. In the beginning they were under the Minolta brand and at the time were gaining a lot of market share. Why Sony dropped the Minolta brand name when they bought up Minolta, I'm not sure. I think it hurt their potential sales at the time. But, now Sony is starting to make back that market share. Nikon even uses sony sensors so there has to be something good about them. I bought the a57 and a colleague I work with the d5100. I wouldn't trade him. I find the a57 feels better in the hand for build and the pictures I've been able to make with it are great. If there's anything wrong with my pictures it's me, not the camera. I bought the a77 because of the price cut when the upgraded the a77 and I haven't looked back. Make the choice based your opinion of the product and not every one else's. There's lots of biased opinions here including mine. So pick the one that feels best in your hands and not in everyone else's.

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