I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

J_dpr wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

Ok, here is a JPEG comparison with High ISO Noise Reduction LOW on the G7X (it's OFF on the RX100M3 too, as I always shoot with it).

The G7X seems free of the strange artifacts we saw in the previous shots with Hi ISO Noise Reduction on NORMAL, which is a great relief. The RX100M3 still has much better detail though, as expected.



Great. Thanks for doing this work! Very encouraging to me. I would be satisfied with this result. Perhaps still a little Van Gogh effect as Technic puts it, but to me it looks like it's more attributed to the general tone curve which I find more pleasing on the G7X anyway. The RX100 looks quite bland to me. Perhaps more realistic - I don't know.

With the tests you have done with the G7X/RX100M3 I have now come to the conclusion that I need to buy and try this camera. Thanks a lot for your work!

You're welcome!

Looking at this comparison again I'm pleased to see not as much disparity as when I had High ISO Noise Reduction on Normal - it definitely seems to make a difference.

After all this pixel peeping I decided to see how the images compared downsizing to 8MP. I chose 8MP because it represents and 8x12" print at 300dpi - and I've never printed anything larger - or a 4K display. At this size the RX100M3 had no more detail than the RX100M3, so for all practical purposes they are the same for me.

At portrait lengths on the other hand, the G7X can provide a better focal length and background blur that will look better at any size.

So after my initial disappointment with it's wide angle performance, the G7X may yet prove to be a keeper.

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