Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

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Re: Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

anmavi1 wrote:

Doug J wrote:

If you haven't already done so, I suggest you send an email to Jerry, he's a supervisor at Adorama and a frequent participant in DPR forums. He's helpful in straightening out problems when they arise. You'll find his email address in his profile.

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Hi, I know this was a few years ago but I am now having the same issues with Adorama.A few months ago I shipped a camera and a couple of lenses to them toi sell and havent heard a thing or received a cent.I looked on their website and they aren't even listed on there which tells me theyved alreadfy been sold and they pocketed the money.I called them this morning.( I have short term memory loss and would have called earlier) and got a strange automated message stating they were on vacation until the 19th which ends up on a Sunday which both seem fishy to me.Anyways.I was reading up where you said to contact the supervisor Jerry but I seem to figure out how?Can you please help me???

You got my attention.......I know Helen is working on this with you. You are in good hands.

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