Will you be getting the 40-150 for wildlife? Or to have an all-round telephoto?

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Re: New or old TC?

Skeeterbytes wrote:

This stuff is way above my pay grade, but would the "unofficial" lens+TC combo be able to communicate sufficiently with the camera for it to auto-focus, auto-iris, etc?

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Almost certainly yes but I'd watch for a manual when the MC14 ships (if its not available online now).  The manual will state any restrictions on the use of the new TC.

All that said, I've seen scattered reports of electrical communication problems w/ MMF-3 adapters & had 1 myself w/ a Vello 43 adapter.  ALL these reports & my 1 experience had intermittent electrical failures w/ only some lenses or the EC14.  I'm guessing there is slight variation in the placement of the electrical contacts on all this stuff & they sometimes fail to make good contact.  This is a small downside to adapting 43 lenses - more complexity.

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