I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

2eyesee wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

J_dpr wrote:

Thanks. Have you set the noise reduction to 'low'?

The weird thing is the option to change High ISO Noise Reduction is greyed out when you shoot RAW + JPEG. To have to shoot JPEG only to change it!

I'll try to get around to testing it, but haven't done so at the moment because I like to shoot RAW + JPEG.

Ok, here is a JPEG comparison with High ISO Noise Reduction LOW on the G7X (it's OFF on the RX100M3 too, as I always shoot with it).

The G7X seems free of the strange artifacts we saw in the previous shots with Hi ISO Noise Reduction on NORMAL, which is a great relief. The RX100M3 still has much better detail though, as expected.

Thanks for all the great comparisons!

RX100 III doesn't look that much better anymore as in the previous comparisons, they are very similar except for the worse corners on G7X.

Portrait looks a lot nicer on the G7X because of more zoom but I have to say that the colours and WB look more natural on the RX100 even though I mostly prefer Canon colours and WB compared to Rx100 cameras but in this scene the Sony probably closer to what it looked in reality, Canon is too yellow and warm this time, something between the two would be the best.

What I still dislike on the G7X is the a bit too soft skin, it's clear to see that Sony has more detailed skin in most of comparisons between G7X and RX100 but not so much in your comparison, interesting. I think that's because of different colour rendering because your t-shirt and jumper look more detailed and better rendered on the Canon while the skin is less detailed on some spots.

You can see this even better in this comparisons some things are softer and less detailed on Sony and some on Canon but skin is looking mostly softer on Canon.

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