Stylus 1 - why aren't folks raving about this one

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Hi Bob,

With a pancake kit lens on the cameras, as in the image on the original post you need ONE more lens (also illustrated) to get to 300.No bagful of lenses  . Lenses that you can attach a myriad of filters without stuffing around with adapters. I would personally not use a 28-300 in the larger formats as there are compromises with any 28-300 lens design.If I wanted to however I could buy a Nikon 24MP APSC slr and stick a 28-450 equivalent Sigma on it, for the same money as a Stylus.

f2.8 is very handy on a small sensor as image quality degrades a lot quicker as ISO goes up, this is not the case with a larger sensor. Steven Wandy has found that the pancake zoom on his EM-10 gives better results than the Stylus at equivalent focal lengths. I know what a fast lens on a FF DSLR can do , I use the Nikon D4 but that would not be a fair comparison.A stylus 1 is better than a Nikon P7100 in almost every way, not a 16MP M4/3rds or current APSC DSLR.

this is with a 3.5-4.8 APSC lens.Shot through glass ISO 3200 focal length 300mm.Straight out of camera jpeg, No noise reduction applied. The RAW file will improve the image quite a bit due to the much larger dynamic range of the bigger sensor.

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