I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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2eyesee wrote:

We've seen several reviews now showing comparisons with the RX100M3, so I don't really plan on posting more. But if anyone has any specific requests for an RX100M3 vs G7X comparison I'd be happy to oblige.

congratulations with your new companion will be interesting to see which of the two wins your heart after using both a bit longer. If 24-28mm isn't important I guess it will be an easy win for G7X.

I know it isn't your main subject, but I would appreciate some infinity type shots of a landscape/cityscape with details in the corners at 24mm WA, full open and f/4; either OOC JPEG or RAW whatever is easier for you.

Here's an appropriate test scene I shot this morning:

RX100M3 24mm f/4

G7X 24mm f/4

I don't think it matters how many time you look at these scenes the RX100M3 is clearly superior at 24mm.

If you compare at 100% side by side you can see a lot of areas where foliage forms strange patterns compared to the RX100M3:

And I would like to hear if - after doing some RAW processing - you see the same noise/artifacts and sharpening halos in the borders/corners that are so obvious in G7X JPEG images, especially those shot at WA near wide open. This is for me the main downside with G7X (also other artifacts like PF, and the strange patterned look in certain structures like sand, grass etc.).

It doesn't make much difference from what I can see, but you can download the RAW yourself and have a go:


P.S.: does your G7X also use 2/3 stop shorter exposure than RX100-3, in the same conditions?

I did a quick test on a scene in Manual where I set exposure, aperture and shutter speed the same on both the RX100M3 and G7X, then compared their luminosity histograms. I found that I had to increase the exposure on the G7X JPEG by 1/3 stop to match the histogram of the RX100M3 JPEG.

Does this mean measured vs actual ISO's are 1/3 stop different between the cameras?

And is there visible decentering at WA, like in the studio shots on DPReview and Imaging Resource?

I've done a quick test and the left corners on mine are softer than the right, just like on Imaging Resource.

Did you happen to do these at 28 as well?


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