I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

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Re: I never thought I'd now be the owner of a G7X when I woke up this morning!

It's been quite a day (it's night now in the southern hemisphere). I phoned a couple of retailers this morning enquiring as to when they expected G7X stock. Yes, I'm not too impressed with some areas of the G7X's lens performance, but the longer I spend on this forum the more I'm convinced that they are not going to be a problem for my shooting requirements. And as much as I like my RX100M3, the G7X really appeals in a few key areas and I had the feeling I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.

Anyway, much to my surprise one of the retailers I phoned had actually received two G7X's in stock that morning. What's more, they had a very good price on it - not much more than the grey market import I was considering. I jumped at the chanced and picked one up straight away.

So now I have my RX100M3 and G7X sitting on my desk in front of me, both competing for my affections. The RX100M3 is already looking a little green with envy (or is that just normal for Sony skin tones?). I can't justiify hanging onto both of them, so it will be interesting to see who claims my heart over the coming days/weeks. I can see this is going to get ugly...

One initial comparison I have done between the G7X and my RX100M3 is a quick video detail comparison. I previously created a thread based on CameraLabs video test shots which seemed to show the RX100M3 had significantly greater resolution. However, in the recently completed CameraLabs review the reviewer posted 100% crops from other video clips in which the G7X looked as good as the RX100M3.

So I've just run a very quick comparison. It's under incandescent light - please excuse the white balance differences - but these 100% crops show the G7X comparing pretty well:

The RX100M3 looks sharper, but also shows some aliasing (see the top edge of the card). The bottom line is though that differences in video quality aren't going to be a deciding factor with these two cameras, which is great news to me as I do quite a bit of video.

We've seen several reviews now showing comparisons with the RX100M3, so I don't really plan on posting more. But if anyone has any specific requests for an RX100M3 vs G7X comparison I'd be happy to oblige.

Very curious to see your comparisons and thoughts over the next few days. Regarding price, this is as I figured. The $699 is just a suggested MSRP. And for November/December I think will come down even further. And what about the gap? Any evidence of that?
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