Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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Re: Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

Hans von der Crone wrote:

Looking for some unbiased opinions (yeah I know, difficult). Anyway, I'm thinking very much to get a FF camera to complement my A6000 and RX100M which I'll keep for those moments when weight or compactness matter.

But for all those other moments, and I do a wedding now and then and a lot of indoor work (kids, moving!!), I would get a FF camera. So compactness isn't exactly the most important thing. Things that DO matter in those situations though are AF speed, AF accuracy and lens selection. I'm currently debating between this:

Nikon D750 + 24-120/F4 (kit) + Nikkor 50mm/1.4 (total cost = € 2.799 + € 345 = € 3.144)


Sony A7(s) + 24-70/F4 + FE55mm/1.8 (total cost = € 2.299 + € 1.100 + € 899 = € 4.298)

So the Sony would cost me quite a bit more. Which one would you recommend, considering you know I also have an a6000 for weight/compactness (with some very good glass). Still a bit unsure about going to Nikon since I've been shooting Canon for all my life, but the deal I got for the D750 is really very good and the specs/reviews seem to point out that the Nikon could very well be the camera I'm looking for.

I could also go for the Sony A7 which would save me about € 1.000, so then total price would be about the same as the Nikon, but I'm not sure the A7 is either fast enough or if the low light sensitivy is as good.

You say you're coming from a Canon background?  Take a serious look at the Canon 6D.

I also have years of accumulated Canon cameras, lens & misc. stuff.  I now shoot primarily with both a Sony A7S and A7R.  Like them both for different reasons and uses.  The A7S is great for low light and with its silent shutter mode is fabulous for weddings, events, candid shots, etc.  The A7R, with its resolution, is my choice for birding and other images where cropping is a necessity.

I use the Sony 28-70mm kit lens for the A7 as my only Sony lens and love it!  Otherwise I use adapters for Canon EF & FD, Pentax, Minolta, Tamron, Sigma, M42 and T2 lenses.  Slow autofocus with an adapter but I grew up with manual focus so not a major problem.

I've never had the urge to use Nikon products; just never felt they were that much better than the other guys.



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