HX400 - All without tripod!

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Re: HX400 - All without tripod!

Aisse Gaertner wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

All are great as were with the HX300. So using ISO 200 seems to do the trick??

I can't seem to get the same quality as you? Are these birds fairly close?

Hi Bill! I chose iso200 just to get more speed and help IS to get sharp images. Even in good light conditions.

In some situations I use iso80 or iso400... Even iso800 when there is no sufficient light.

Those high iso pics are not so good. In this case I would prefer set iso down and use tripod.

On the HX400, what's the "base ISO", i.e. the lowest ISO that you can use without loss of quality?

My RX100 III has settings for ISO 80 and ISO 100, but it's my understanding that the best quality (least noise) is obtained at ISO 125. The ISO menu on the camera indicates this by putting horizontal bars above and below the numbers 80 and 100.

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