Canon lens fits Olympus body which also fits Nikon lens

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Canon lens fits Olympus body which also fits Nikon lens

Canon lens fits Olympus body which also fits Nikon lens.
Yes that’s correct, this is what Four-Thirds is all about.

Are we photographers so pea brained that would could not possible imaging a world were a Nikon lens fits a Canon body, is this beyond our comprehension?

As for the Olympus E-1
Forget about the small 5MP sensor
Forget about the limited selection of lenses
This is just the first camera to adopt "four-thirds"

Olympus Kodak and Fujifilm have done us all a big favor. These three companies have boldly suggested that we combine our efforts and agree on a few basics.

They came up with what they believe is a good starting point. A standard lens mount, lens to body communication protocols, etc.

The best part is that all manufacturers are invited to join in, yes even Canon and Nikon.
Ask Sigma, Tokina or Tamron if they think a lens mount standard is a good idea.

I'm sorry, but forget about backward compatibility and brand dedication. We are talking about digital and that means we are abandoning film and abandoning 35mm yes this is scary but its happening.

Since so much has to change already then why not go for it.

I suggest we all take heart and encourage Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Leica, Sigma, etc to all adopt a lens mount for the digital age.

Yes a Nikon lens fits a Canon body, its about time. I mean what were we thinking for the past century.


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