Does Nikon have a 135L equivalent lens?

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Re: Does Nikon have a 135L equivalent lens?

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As I've demonstrated, that is neither here nor there. If you dislike Nikon so much why are you on a Nikon lens forum?

Not so much about dislike Nikon - I am sure the same people would be on the Pentax, Canon and other lens forums singing the virtue of Zeiss lens. To me it is an emotional and also economic decision to buy a certain product. Back in the 70s I always wanted a Nikon but as a university student I could not afford it so I get by with a Pentax SLR and a few lenses once I earned enough I jumped ship to Nikon in the early 80 and stay here ever since.

For all practical purposes and I have tried the Zeiss, I much prefer the AF and defocus capabilities of the Nikon DC 135 f/2.0 lens. It is one of the best lenses in their arsenal and when they replace it, I am certain that the price of the DC will go up 2 fold. I doubt if anyone could tell the differences between the Nikon, Canon or Zeiss when blown up to what most people blow up their images to. I am sure that when my 135 images are blown up to gallery size they will look stunning. Just make sure it is calibrated to your Nikon body.

I have met many working guitarists who have tin ears. Guitar amplifiers and pickups are an interesting world because anybody can buy the "best amp in the world" and make it sound terrible. Conversely, many great guitarists can make a line6 modeller sound like a classic Plexi because they can play the gear and male it work.

Many listeners cannot and do not care who is playing what and those folk are also representative of the folk buying images. They could not care less what lens was used to take what image. Not tuppence, so long as it looks good.

Same with amps. Most music fans don't care about the amp used.

Guitarists normally do though. The fluidity and speed of response of one amp will turn one player on while the stiffness and abrupt transitions of a different amp will tweak the knobs of a different player.

The Nikkor 135 is something of a mushy old Plexi with all of its idiosyncrasies while the Zeiss may be a new German (Japanese) über-amp with immediate attack and perfect response. A fully rounded guitarist can use and appreciate both. A lesser one will only feel at home with one or the other.

Maybe the same is true of photographers, which makes us both lesser photographers.

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