NP-FW50 incompatible battery...Sony, why do you do these things?

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marc petzold
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Re: NP-FW50 incompatible battery...Sony, why do you do these things?

zygh wrote:

Had the same problem when switching from the 5 to the 5N. Only one of my batteries was OEM and the other was third party. Both worked fine on the 5. Sure enough, the third party battery was rendering error message with the 5N. Had to get an OEM battery after upgrading to the 5N. People here are right, the OEM batteries are way too expensive.

Let me stress the fact the OEM battery that worked with the 5 was surely manufactured before the 5N ever came out. From your description of the issue, it seems like you stumbled upon a fake branded battery.

I'm using about 5 years or so always 3rd Party Batteries from the german brand PATONA, for all my different cams/DSLR, etc. and they're quite good, for the 1/3 price of the original, and lasting the same amount of shots as the original battery. Can be bought off amazon from BUNDLESTAR sellers, just right - they're usually with yellow black decals.

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