Have a Sony camera, but like Canon colors? Here you go.

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Have a Sony camera, but like Canon colors? Here you go.

It's been a mostly accepted notion that "Canon colors" are superior to the default colors produced by Sony cameras. A recent view that directly compares the new Canon G7X to the Sony RX100M3 highlights this:


Here's a few portrait from this review that demonstrates this:

PortraitA - G7X OOC jpeg

PortraitA - RX100m3 OCC jpeg

PortraitC - G7X OOC jpeg

PortraitC - RX100m3 OOC jpeg

Like many, I do prefer the way the Canon images look. I've always noticed that default images from my own RX100 and RX10 seemed to be too cool and muted. However, I shoot in RAW anyways and processed colors any way I liked in Lightroom. But I thought about reverse-engineering the default RX colors to match default Canon colors. It's actually fairly easily. Broadly speaking, Canon images are warmer, more magenta-tinted, have more Red tones, and more saturated. Sony for whatever reason have a muted cooler temperature and more yellows in their images, which can give a pale-sickly look especially on skin tones.

After some tweaking, I found that the following settings when applied in Lightroom does a decent job of "Canonizing" a RX image (for JPEGs).


  • Temperature +7 (warmer)
  • Tint +5 (more magenta tint)


  • Vibrance +5
  • Saturation +3

Hue Sliders (not saturation):

  • Orange -17 (make orange hues more red)
  • Yellow -30  (de-emphasize yellow hues)
  • Green +10

The exact values can be different depending on individual images, but the above values are a decent starting point in order to match what a Canon camera will probably produce. Once these settings are made in Lightroom, they can be saved as a LightRoom preset that can be applied to any Sony JPEG with one click.

Here's the results of these settings applied to those RX portraits from the review site:

PortraitA - RX100m3 Canonized

PortraitC - RX100m3 Canonized

Pretty close if you ask me.

Feel free to take these settings and apply it to any of your RX portraits that you think would benefit from a bit of Canon colors.

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