Ridata, Transcend or Dane Elec 512 Card for Nikon 4500

Started Jun 21, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: Ridata, Transcend or Dane Elec 512 Card for Nikon 4500

The Transcend problem seems only to be w/ the Lexar reader, so if you have one then go w/ RiData, otherwise it is probably a tossup between the two.

Someone pointed out yesterday that newegg.com had Kingston 512 at $98, I believe their Transcend prices are the same as mydigitaldiscount's though, but they don't have RiData.

SASand wrote:

I have a 1 GB Transcend 30x CF card, and it works fine; however I
ordered 3 more from mydigitaldiscount.com and they could not be
read in my Lexar firewire card reader. This is a problem that has
been discussed here and at Robgalbraith.com.

After a number of phone calls, I arranged to return the Transcend
cards to mydigitaldiscount and asked to have them exchanged for the
new RiData 40x cards. Matt said that customers have been raving
about the RiData cards and nobody has had problems with them.
Assuming that the RiData cards work as advertised, I'm now a RiData

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