Canon 100-400 Manual Focus Problem

Started Jun 23, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 100-400 Manual Focus Problem

I just had my manual focus jam up two weeks ago. Because it is the "L" lense you have to send it directly to Canon Factory Service, I'm still waiting to get it back. Repair estimate was $178. Luckily I have an insurance rider on my equipment and it is covered. I just hope the lense comes back as sharp as a tack, like it was. I can't stand being without this lense....Hmmmm, maybe a 500mmL as a spare would be good...

BobAtlGa wrote:

I need some help with the 100-400mm IS I just purchased off Ebay.
The lens will autofocus perfectly. However, when you switch the
lens to manual focus and turn the focus ring, it does nothing. The
focus ring and be turned to infinity in either direction and
nothing happens. When you switch back to autofocus, the lens will
focus perfectly, with lighting speed.

I was under the impression that this lens also has full time manual
focus, even when in autofocus. However that does not work either.

When I first got the lens, the focus ring was a tight as a vice and
would not turn in either direction (when in autofocus or manual
focus). Of course I did not try to force it, even when I had the
switch in manual focus. However, I put the lens back to 100mm, and
tried to turn the focus ring with the lens off the camera. Now it
turns fine, but as I mentioned before does nothing and has no
effect on the focus, even though it will turn freely.

This lens looks totally new, not a scratch; like it's never been
used. Any help would be appreciated. My guess is that I'm going to
be taking it to the Canon Service Center in Atlanta on Monday!



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