FZ200 f2.8 constant aperture

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SpeedyGonzalys will finally be satisfied!

SpeedyGonzalys wrote:

Timmbits wrote:

What is regrettable, is that people here seem to confuse their photography skills, with what the limitations of the camera. If you look at that picture under the loupe tool, and comment on it, inevitably the photographer will get all offended.

I've experienced what small sensors can do (and still suffer from that any time I use my underwater TS4)... I used to think that all the 1/1.6" sensor cameras could do good stuff... but then I tried a Fuji X-S1, sold that and now have an APS sensor camera, and really, there is just no turning back. You get used to a better picture quality... and it isn't until you have developed an eye for something better and gotten used to it, that you actually notice how bad those low end cameras really are.

You just can't appreciate the difference until you get used to it.

Pls... PLSSSSS, give me the addres where you bought your APS sensor cam ánd the additional WA lens ánd the 600mm (eq.) F2.8 lens, all together for the same price i payed for the Fz200.

Just to remind you, I was saying to newcomers to the thread, that there is a larger sensor FZ1000 that is out, and they should consider that instead of a FZ200.

You can rant and rave and kick and srcream all you want: all of your antics will not change a thing about the FZ200 camera compared to the newer better FZ1000 (and now the RX1 as well). The FZ1000 is a better choice.

After that, i would like to see some images that you took with your APS sensor cam from subjects at the same (eq) max focal length as the Fz200. And thán... i will CERTAINLY check your wonderful HQ images with the loupe tool in Lightroom, and compare them with my other cam/lens at max zoom.

Here you go, here is the comparisons you are looking for. Now knock yourself out comparing to your heart's content!


(Place the FZ200 in one column, the FZ1000 in the other.)

I recommend looking at the higher ISOs, because it is the night shots posted on DPR that prompted the comments in the first place.

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