Who's returning their G9?

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Re: Returned the first one - DOA

Still using mine.

Yes, really.

Dropped it in 2013 and the lens wouldn't extend very much although the motor was still trying.

With thoughts of "nothing to lose", grabbed the 3mm or so that it would extend when switched on and pulled. HARD.

Worked like a charm.

Has small blemish on lens (no idea how or when that happened), which now and again causes a pale "blob" when shooting into gloomy scenes with strong exterior light (last one was shooting into a cave interior).

Always loved this camera, still pretty happy with results and after all this time, I can virtually operate it blindfolded. To me, it's a minor legend and one of my better choices, although I've just been bought an S120 which I love for it's sheer "pocketability" along with versatility and picture quality.

I was purely a Nikon guy for many years (battleship quality manual film SLRs - F2A and FM2n), but love the Canon compacts.

Anyone else's G9 still going strong?

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