Yongnuo YN-622N iTTL triggers and YN-622N-TX features/bugs "busted" (read this, if you own these!)

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Yongnuo YN-622N iTTL triggers and YN-622N-TX features/bugs "busted" (read this, if you own these!)

TL;DR: This post contains instructions, how to ensure the best functioning of the Yongnuo iTTL triggers!

I have 4 pcs of Yongnuo YN-622N iTTL triggers, Yongnuo YN-622N-TX commander and 2 pcs of Nikon SB-600 and one Nikon SB-700. There is tons of stuff about thes in the Internet already, but I found something new I haven't found anywhere yet.

First of all, I am quite happy with this set up. It gives a tons of freedom over traditional triggering and it's much more easier to use than Nikon own wireless UIs (with the YN-622N-TX commander that is).

But I have noticed some inconsistencies and oddities with these devices and trooling the Interwebs, so have others. It's clear that the SW is not completely tested. But after using them a while, I came in conclusion that there's some configuration issues that cause these oddities.

After excessive testing and ensuring I have found out that these triggers are very precise how your flash is set up. Obviously, flash needs to be in iTTL mode, but that's not enough. So here's what to do:

0. Factory reset everything (flashes and triggers)

1. Set flash on iTTL mode

2. Turn OFF Stand by -mode from the flash

3. Turn ON AF-IL (AF Illumination of the flash. This is important!!)

4. Leave everything else as factory reset.

5. Turn flash off, turn trigger off, mount them, turn flash on, turn trigger on, and voilá. Haven't have any inconsistencies or weird behaviour after that. At least not yet.

It seems to be really important that the AF Illuminator is turned ON. I got ton of problems with both SB-600 and SB-700, when it was OFF. This is really weird indeed, and I wished someone else would also test this.

For example, when I set TTL mode from the commander (you can set TTL, manual, SS or OFF), my SB-700 only flashed on one of the triggers, which was very weird, since they are sold in pairs. It worked fine on all triggers, if I set manual from the commander. I turned ON the AF illumination from the SB-700 menus and then all the triggers worked fully with SB-700, in TTL and in manual.

With SB-600s I got problems with another and not with the other. The difference was that the other had AF-IL on (the working one) and the other had not. The problem was different though than SB-700: the SB-600 one with AF-IL OFF always flashed at the same power level, no matter what mode the commander had or what the adjustments were. Switched both SB-600s on AF-IL ON, and everything worked.

At least occasionally I saw problems with Stand by mode. So, if the flash goes to Stand by and you make some adjustments, they do not necessarily go through. So to ensure best possible workflow, set stand by mode OFF, and the flashes get tons of higher success rate.

Occasionally the flashes worked correctly, if I first mounted them on camera, and then moved to trigger. When the stand by mode hit first time, they stopped working correctly (I do not remember was this AF-IL problem though). From this I figured out that the triggers must tell something to the flash that the flash isn't expecting and it doesn't know what to do. Maybe the trigger tells flash to turn OFF AF-IL and doesn't understand why it would tell that, if flash already told camera that the AF-IL is OFF?

BOTTOM LINE: they work, but there's weird bugs. They work great/without bugs, if you set up the flashes as I presented. I wish someone could verify my findings. Also, spread the word. I am sure there's a lot of complaining about these triggers, which are related to these same issues I found.

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